The Calgary Kendo Club operates as a Sports Club within the University of Calgary.  The Kendo club receives no monies from the University and we don't make the rules.  Anyone can join, you do not have to be attending the University!

1. Click the button below to go to the University of Calgary website Active Living section
2. Add the preferred Kendo session to your cart
3. Create an online account with the University of Calgary Active Living or log-in
4. Complete Online Waiver (Informed Consent) Instructions
5. Complete Online Medical Form Instructions
6. Complete (optional) Online Photo Release Instructions
7. Make payment to the University

In exchange for paid membership into the Kendo sports club to the University members are given access to the dojo practice space during the dates and times specified as well use of the locker rooms and shower facilities.  Parking fees are not included in the sports club membership although a small discount is available to members who buy a pass for a whole semester.

Membership in the Calgary Kendo Club does not include membership into the Canadian Kendo Federation. Canadian Kendo Federation membership is not mandatory however club members who wish to participate in Federation events such as Grading and high-level tournaments will need to keep their annual dues current. 

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